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Rototec Co., Ltd.
42, Seohyeonbuk-ro, Heungdeok-gu,42, Seohyeonbuk-ro, Heungdeok-gu Cheongju-si Chungcheongbuk-do 28383 Korea
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JuYeon Park , Assistant Manager

Rototec Co., Ltd.
Playground System

Outdoor Playground Equipment

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Outdoor Playground Equipment

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Outdoor Playground Equipment

Rototec Co., Ltd. protects your dreams and provides safety with the best play facilities in Korea: made with plastic for rotating molding based on rotation molding technology. Rototec's philosophy is, "What is made in Korea is different; furthermore, what is made byRototec is different." Rototec plans, designs, and mavufactures every item with a child's needs in mind. Rototec uses a variety of materials including metal, plastic and PVC; the materials used depend on ages, including infants, toddlers and childern. Based on the analysis of psychological, physical and formative features from a child's viewpoint as well as ceaseless efforts for technical development and research, and approximately 100 kinds of products, Rototec's products show our responsibility toward chindren's safety.

Features of the ROTOTEC Playground system

  • The beautiful, delicate surface of the product combines the best molding technology, the unique design of Korea and plastic molding technology using the rotational molding method.
  • The insert nut for all kinds of plastics for playground use is made of processed brass.
  • Color mixing technology for plastics differ from other manufacturers to prevent colors from being melted by solvents or smearing into each other.
    - Safe for children, only non-toxic pigments are used.
  • All panels are made in a plastic panel structure covering a steel deck to relieve impact if children hit their head on the panels.
    - [Utility Model No. 20-0457719, Korea Intellectual Property Office]
    - It is easy to assemble and reduces clamps.
  • The deck is 1168 x 1168, which can secure a wide space.
  • All piles and clamp fences have distinguished durability without risk of corrosion thanks to high strength aluminum.
  • Steel deck prevents sliding and absorbs impact thanks to the thick film formed by PVC coating.
  • ISO 9001 and 14001. KC Mark and Q Mark from Korea Conformity Laboratories.

Product ComparIsion

Other Products
ROTOTEC Products
Safety accident may occur due to trapped foot
The deck is covered by the panel to prevent trapping.
Colors smear or fade
Pigment mixture method
4 clamps used per panel
The number of clamps is reduced to 2 per panel.
Steel column vulnerable to rust
Aluminum column of high strength is used to maintain good condition.


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